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332 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale:

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As the statues that have come down to us from antiquity testify, the human body in its simplest form has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for sculptors. Apart from the Middle Ages when the religious influence threw a modest veil over the naked body, then considered shameful and synonymous with "sin", the nude has always been a kind of sculpture aimed at highlighting and celebrating beauty. of the human body in an academic or more erotic way. The nude in sculpture, whether masculine or feminine, is above all the correct representation of the silhouette in a stationary pose or in motion, the work on the symmetry of the limbs, the accuracy of the proportions, through more or less suggestive postures. Among the famous nude sculptures until today, we can mention for example The David by Michelangelo, The Thinker by Auguste Rodin or the famous Venus de Milo.

How can I purchase a nude sculpture online ?

Artists throughout the world have drawn inspiration from the female or male body since the beginning of time. In art history, nudes and portraits that are figurative, surrealist, or abstract have been a constant presence. 

There are many ways to express your religious beliefs through the use of nude artworks or sculptures depicting naked bodies.

Naked sculptures might be monotonous and conventional, yet depending on the artist's aesthetic, they can also be ultra-modern. In today's art world, sculptors are adept at creating works of art that encompass the entire body. You'll fall in love with nude statues after seeing them. 

When purchasing a nude sculpture online, the subject matter is one of the most important considerations as well as the design. Collectors buy sculptures because they are touched by the artwork's beauty. Because of current events, culture, history, or religion, some art lovers prefer buying nude statues among the wide choice of sculptures.

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An online art gallery is a great place to purchase a nude sculpture in a matter of minutes. After doing some research, you may shop for any nude sculpture on the internet like any other commodity.

There are several benefits to purchasing a sculpture via the internet, including the fact that you save time and money by not having to travel to a gallery. From an art website, you may order artworks and have them delivered to your home or office. Your living room will look stunning with an abstract or figurative nude sculpture and you'll be thrilled to add it to your home's decor.

You shall be able to save money by purchasing a nude sculpture online.

To narrow down your options on our website, start with a variety of sizes and colors that go well with the rest of your interior design.

You may, in fact, sort the naked statues by their various sizes, from small to large.

Online sculpture purchases may be made easily if you compare delivery and pricing. When it comes to art, collectors are the finest source of knowledge. If you know the title and artist of the piece of art, you can quickly choose the finest alternative for it using this feature. Shipping costs are included in the listed pricing. It is essential to check the shipping method before making a purchase. The terms and conditions for the sale of artwork by Artmajeur are also covered here. Here, there's nothing new to learn. You may also return the original sculpture at any time if you're not happy.

In terms of both time and money, buying a nude sculpture online is the best option.

Discover contemporary Nude Sculptures on Artmajeur

Contemporary nude sculptures have gained significant popularity in the art world due to their ability to convey a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. These sculptures are made using various materials such as bronze, marble, stone, and wood. The use of different types of supports, such as pedestals or stands, enables the artwork to be displayed in various settings such as galleries, museums, and private collections. What makes this type of original artwork unique is its ability to explore issues such as beauty, sexuality, and identity in a way that is both timeless and contemporary.

Sculpture,  52x24 cm
Plaisir Sculpture, 52x24 cm
©2023 Ielizaveta Portnova

Origins and History

Contemporary nude sculptures have a rich history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome where the human form was celebrated for its beauty and perfection. During the Renaissance period, artists began to explore the human body in a more naturalistic and realistic way. In the 19th century, artists such as Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas pushed the boundaries of traditional sculpture by depicting the human form in unconventional poses and with imperfect features.

Sculpture,  34x22 cm
Intro Sculpture, 34x22 cm
©2023 Andrii Kyrychenko

Evolutions of theses works in the contemporary art market

Contemporary Nude Sculptures have become an important part of the contemporary art market due to their ability to evoke emotions and express ideas beyond words. They have become a tool for artists to explore human experiences and showcase beauty in its raw form. The variety of materials used to create these sculptures, including bronze, marble, and clay, adds to their uniqueness and appeal.

Sculpture,  65x25 cm
fashion 65 - résine laquée noire Sculpture, 65x25 cm
©2021 Jean-Yves Verne

Related Famous Artists

Contemporary Artists who have made a name for themselves with their work on contemporary nude sculptures include the likes of Antony Gormley, Marc Quinn, and Jeff Koons.

Antony Gormley is renowned for his life-sized cast iron sculptures of the human form, which he creates using his own body as a template. His work explores themes such as human experience and the relationship between the body and the environment.

Marc Quinn’s work often features unconventional materials such as frozen blood, bread, and even his own DNA. His sculptures of the human form are often distorted or exaggerated, challenging our preconceived notions of beauty and perfection.

Jeff Koons’ work is characterized by its bright colors and playful, kitschy aesthetic. His nude sculptures often feature exaggerated features and suggestive poses, prompting a conversation about the objectification of the female form in art and society.

These artists each bring their own unique perspective to the contemporary nude sculpture genre, challenging us to question our assumptions about the human form and its representation in art.

Sculpture,  88x40 cm
L'attente Sculpture, 88x40 cm
©2024 Pico Sculpteur

Notable contemporary Nude Sculptures

Contemporary Nude Sculptures are a form of art that showcases the beauty of the human form. Some of the most notable contemporary nude sculptures include:

  1. "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, created in 1902. This sculpture depicts a nude male figure sitting on a rock, deep in thought, with his chin resting on his hand.

  2. "David" by Michelangelo Buonarroti, created in 1504. This sculpture depicts the biblical hero David, nude and muscular, standing triumphantly with a sling over his shoulder.

  3. "The Kiss" by Auguste Rodin, created in 1889. This sculpture depicts a couple in a passionate embrace, with the man’s arms wrapped around the woman’s waist.

  4. "Adam" by Tullio Lombardo, created in 1490. This sculpture depicts the biblical figure of Adam, nude and contemplative, standing with one hand on his hip and the other holding an apple.

  5. "Sleeping Muse" by Constantin Brancusi, created in 1910. This sculpture depicts a nude female figure sleeping peacefully, with her head resting on her arm.

These sculptures showcase the beauty and complexity of the human form, and demonstrate the skill and talent of their respective artists. They are timeless works of art that continue to inspire and captivate viewers today.

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Sculpture titled "Plaisir" by Ielizaveta Portnova, Original Artwork, Ceramics
Plaisir - Sculpture, 52x24 cm ©2023 by Ielizaveta Portnova - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, Sculpture, céramique, nu, nue, féminin, femme, corps, formes, poterie, poèmes, poésie, André Breton, Décalcomanie, Ukraine, Kyiv

Ielizaveta Portnova


Sculpture - Ceramics | 52x24 cm

Sculpture titled "L'attente" by Pico Sculpteur, Original Artwork, Resin
L'attente - Sculpture, 88x40 cm ©2024 by Pico Sculpteur - Classicism, classicism-933, Male Nudes, humain, homme, nu, mélancolie, amour

Pico Sculpteur


Sculpture - Resin | 88x40 cm

Sculpture titled "PLENITUDE B" by Sylvie Bourély (SB), Original Artwork, Bronze
PLENITUDE B - Sculpture, 39x38 cm ©2024 by Sylvie Bourély (SB) - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, sculpture, bronzesculpture

Sylvie Bourély (SB)


Sculpture - Bronze | 39x38 cm

Sculpture titled "Rebond" by Daniel Perreu, Original Artwork, Stainless Steel
Rebond - Sculpture, 48x33 cm ©2022 by Daniel Perreu - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude

Daniel Perreu


Sculpture - Stainless Steel | 48x33 cm

Sculpture titled "Femme concentrée" by Jean-Claude Sgro, Original Artwork, Bronze
Femme concentrée - Sculpture, 24x17 cm ©2023 by Jean-Claude Sgro - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, soleil, position assise, lunettes de soleil, massive, dessin sculpture

Jean-Claude Sgro

"Femme concentrée"

Sculpture - Bronze | 24x17 cm

Sculpture titled "ESCAPE" by Andrea Giorgi, Original Artwork, Bronze
ESCAPE - Sculpture, 37x15 cm ©2018 by Andrea Giorgi - Classicism, classicism-933, Male Nudes, classic sculpture, bronze sculpture, escape sculpture, modern sculpture, contemporary art

Andrea Giorgi


Sculpture - Bronze | 37x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Harmony" by Angelika Kienberger, Original Artwork, Bronze
Harmony - Sculpture, 11x15 cm ©2020 by Angelika Kienberger - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, akt, nude, yoga, ruhe, peace, patina, blaugrün, limitert, limited edition

Angelika Kienberger


Sculpture - Bronze | 11x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Statue" by Mirjam De Nijs, Original Artwork, Stone
Statue - Sculpture, 103x25 cm ©1991 by Mirjam De Nijs - Abstract, abstract-570, Female nudes, female, female statue, abstracted female, marble statue, marble female sculpture

Mirjam De Nijs


Sculpture - Stone | 103x25 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "MUSE Série 3" by Philippe Olive, Original Artwork, Metals
MUSE Série 3 - Sculpture, 164x26 cm ©2021 by Philippe Olive - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Nude, Sculpture, philippe olive, olive sculpteur, sculpture bronze, sculpture métal, femme, sculpteur, philippe olive sculpteur, acier, fonderie bronze

Philippe Olive

"MUSE Série 3"

Sculpture - Metals | 164x26 cm

Sculpture titled "The famous G - édit…" by Pierre Sidoine, Original Artwork, Bronze
The famous G - édition bronze - Sculpture, 54x28 cm ©2023 by Pierre Sidoine - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, Giacometti, sculpture, bronze, chariot, roues

Pierre Sidoine

"The famous G - édition bronze"

Sculpture - Bronze | 54x28 cm

Sculpture titled "Antheros" by Eric Montaux, Original Artwork, Cardboard
Antheros - Sculpture, 203x60 cm ©2022 by Eric Montaux - Figurative, figurative-594, Male Nudes, Carton, Nu masculin, Guerrier

Eric Montaux


Sculpture - Cardboard | 203x60 cm

Sculpture titled "Manon - Taille réel…" by Alain Choisnet, Original Artwork, Bronze
Manon - Taille réelle - Sculpture, 170x59 cm ©2022 by Alain Choisnet - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, sculpture, bronze, femme, figuratif, nu

Alain Choisnet

"Manon - Taille réelle"

Sculpture - Bronze | 170x59 cm

Sculpture titled "Intro" by Andrii Kyrychenko, Original Artwork, Ceramics
Intro - Sculpture, 34x22 cm ©2023 by Andrii Kyrychenko - Abstract, abstract-570, Female nudes, Corps, Puzatka, Terre, céramique, poterie, sculpture, glaçure, engobe, Ukraine, Kyiv

Andrii Kyrychenko


Sculpture - Ceramics | 34x22 cm

Sculpture titled "Prayer" by Roman Rabyk, Original Artwork, Resin
Prayer - Sculpture, 102x50 cm ©2024 by Roman Rabyk - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Male Nudes, figurative sculpture, male sculpture, wire sculpture, male figurative, expressive sculpture, contemporary art, contemporary sculpture

Roman Rabyk


Sculpture - Resin | 102x50 cm

Sculpture titled "The pleasure of dan…" by Alexandr Karat, Original Artwork, Bronze
The pleasure of dancing - Sculpture, 65x24 cm ©2023 by Alexandr Karat - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, sculpture, woman, dance, elegant, figurative

Alexandr Karat

"The pleasure of dancing"

Sculpture - Bronze | 65x24 cm

Sculpture titled "The foot of Hermes." by Achille Chiarello, Original Artwork, Stone
The foot of Hermes. - Sculpture, 38x23.5 cm ©2023 by Achille Chiarello - Classicism, classicism-933, Nude, piede di Hermes, Piede di Mercurio, marble, marmo, piede, foot, Hermes foot, Grecia classica, Mercurio

Achille Chiarello

"The foot of Hermes."

Sculpture - Stone | 38x23.5 cm

Sculpture titled "GIRLS2 AND GYMNASTS…" by Maas Tiir, Original Artwork, Resin
GIRLS2 AND GYMNASTS2 ON 3 BLACK PODIUMS - Sculpture, 28x25 cm ©2023 by Maas Tiir - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Nude, desktop, game, rotation, turn, smooth, brilliant, mirror, colored, gift, relaxation, stylish, original

Maas Tiir


Sculpture - Resin | 28x25 cm

Sculpture titled "Génèse" by Fernand Greco, Original Artwork, Bronze
Génèse - Sculpture, 26x15 cm ©2024 by Fernand Greco - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, génèse, adam, ève, sculpture, bronze

Fernand Greco


Sculpture - Bronze | 26x15 cm

Sculpture titled "The iron back" by Christophe Milcent, Original Artwork, Metals
The iron back - Sculpture, 150x40 cm ©2023 by Christophe Milcent - Classicism, classicism-933, Female nudes

Christophe Milcent

"The iron back"

Sculpture - Metals | 150x40 cm

Sculpture titled "Daydreaming" by Marilene Salles, Original Artwork, Resin
Daydreaming - Sculpture, 25x23 cm ©2022 by Marilene Salles - Cubism, cubism-582, Erotic Nudes, nudes, erotic, female breasts, Pablo Picasso, the dream by picasso, la rêve, cubism, comtemporary sculpture, modern, sensual, naked, women, womans body, penis, colourful, glossy, epoxy resin, abstract sculpture, 3D, love

Marilene Salles


Sculpture - Resin | 25x23 cm

Sculpture titled "Trois en Un" by Michel Neuville, Original Artwork, Bronze
Trois en Un - Sculpture, 55x23 cm ©2023 by Michel Neuville - Abstract, abstract-570, Female nudes, femme fantastique

Michel Neuville

"Trois en Un"

Sculpture - Bronze | 55x23 cm

Sculpture titled "APERTURES 1" by Roberto Canduela, Original Artwork, Metals
APERTURES 1 - Sculpture, 50x21 cm ©2023 by Roberto Canduela - Abstract, abstract-570, Female nudes, black, nude, body, female, pavon, steel, sculpture, escultura, cuerpo, mujer

Roberto Canduela


Sculpture - Metals | 50x21 cm

Sculpture titled "Woman Torso Classic…" by Brano Brody, Original Artwork, Metals
Woman Torso Classic Mosaic 2023 - Sculpture, 103x35 cm ©2023 by Brano Brody - Abstract, abstract-570, Female nudes

Brano Brody

"Woman Torso Classic Mosaic 2023"

Sculpture - Metals | 103x35 cm

Sculpture titled "Bronze Sculpture Lo…" by Don Alberto Carlos, Original Artwork, Bronze
Bronze Sculpture Lovely Lady - Sculpture, 135x30 cm ©2000 by Don Alberto Carlos - Figurative, figurative-594, Nude, Lovely lady, Woman, Frau, Girl, Bronze, Sculpture, Skulptur, Statue, Erotic, Erotik, Sexy

Don Alberto Carlos

"Bronze Sculpture Lovely Lady"

Sculpture - Bronze | 135x30 cm

Sculpture titled "fashion 65 - résine…" by Jean-Yves Verne, Original Artwork, Resin
fashion 65 - résine laquée noire - Sculpture, 65x25 cm ©2021 by Jean-Yves Verne - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, sculpture, résine, laque, noir, femme, nu, drapé, draperie, mouvement, élan, victoire, fashion

Jean-Yves Verne

"fashion 65 - résine laquée noire"

Sculpture - Resin | 65x25 cm

Sculpture titled "Par amour" by Alain Mandon, Original Artwork, Metals
Par amour - Sculpture, 69x37 cm ©2024 by Alain Mandon - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, buste, seins, nu

Alain Mandon

"Par amour"

Sculpture - Metals | 69x37 cm

Sculpture titled "PERSEUS" by Igor Mitoraj, Original Artwork, Bronze
PERSEUS - Sculpture, 58x26 cm ©1986 by Igor Mitoraj - Figurative, figurative-594, Male Nudes, NEW YORK, HOLLYWOOD, MITORAJ, IGOR MITORAJ, Poland, Italy, PARIS, DUBAI, LONDON, UK, Sculpture, bronze

Igor Mitoraj


Sculpture - Bronze | 58x26 cm

Sculpture titled "HOPE - Und plötzlic…" by Dennis Josef Meseg, Original Artwork, Bronze
HOPE - Und plötzlich war do Hope (45cm) | 7/111 - Sculpture, 45x20 cm ©2022 by Dennis Josef Meseg - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, Akt, Bronze, Bronzefigur, Bronzeskulptur, Skulptur, Plastik

Dennis Josef Meseg

"HOPE - Und plötzlich war do Hope (45cm) | 7/111"

Sculpture - Bronze | 45x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Harmonie d'antan :…" by F. Spi-K-Tri, Original Artwork, Plaster
Harmonie d'antan : Buste féminin sculpté dans la mémoire - Sculpture, 180x70 cm ©2024 by F. Spi-K-Tri - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Female nudes, art, spiktri, buste, sculpture, femme, jarre, mosaique

F. Spi-K-Tri

"Harmonie d'antan : Buste féminin sculpté dans la mémoire"

Sculpture - Plaster | 180x70 cm

Sculpture titled "Arnold" by Filippo Pietro Castrovinci, Original Artwork, Metals
Arnold - Sculpture, 35x22 cm ©2024 by Filippo Pietro Castrovinci - Figurative, figurative-594, Male Nudes

Filippo Pietro Castrovinci


Sculpture - Metals | 35x22 cm

Sculpture titled "PRUDE" by Philippe Crivelli, Original Artwork, Resin
PRUDE - Sculpture, 33x20 cm ©2022 by Philippe Crivelli - Figurative, figurative-594, Female nudes, Femme, sensualité, prude, crivelli, intime, jean, intimité, chaste, pudique

Philippe Crivelli


Sculpture - Resin | 33x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Venerina" by Joshua Stazio, Original Artwork, Metals
Venerina - Sculpture, 1.7x30 cm ©2023 by Joshua Stazio - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Female nudes

Joshua Stazio


Sculpture - Metals | 1.7x30 cm