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How to buy and use a gift card on Artmajeur?

  1. Select the amount you wish to offer, and follow the steps to proceed to payment
  2. A PDF gif card will be created: you can print it and give it yourself, or have it sent to the beneficiary
  3. The beneficiary can select any artwork or fine art print on Artmajeur, and buy it with the gift card!

Enhance your gift-giving with the elegance and flexibility of an art gift card, perfect for various occasions:

Birthday Art Celebration: offer a gift car to buy art!

Celebrate a loved one’s birthday uniquely with an art gift card. This creative present allows the recipient to embark on an artistic journey, choosing a piece that resonates with their personal style and preferences. It’s more than just a gift; it’s a gateway to an enriching artistic experience, transforming their space into a reflection of cherished moments and personal inspirations. Supporting artists and the creative community, this gift is a blend of personalization and cultural enrichment, making it an ideal choice for a memorable birthday.

Christmas Artistic Delight: Offer art for Christmas

This Christmas, offer more than a present; offer an experience with an art gift card. Tailored for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this gift transcends traditional material items, offering a personal touch that connects with the recipient’s taste and artistic inclination. It’s an opportunity for them to indulge in the beauty of art, enhancing their home with pieces that speak to their soul. By choosing this gift, you’re not only giving a present but also contributing to the artistic community, making this Christmas gift a thoughtful and unique gesture.

Retirement Art Exploration: Offer a gift card as retirement present

Mark the milestone of retirement with the gift of art. An art gift card is a thoughtful gesture, offering retirees the chance to explore and engage with the art world. Whether it’s purchasing art supplies for personal creativity or selecting inspiring artworks from galleries, this gift card provides flexibility and personalization. It’s an invitation to discover new passions or deepen existing ones, contributing to mental well-being and offering therapeutic benefits during this new chapter of life. An art gift card for retirement is more than a present; it’s a key to a world of beauty, creativity, and personal exploration.

Corporate Gifting with Style: the gift of art as a business present

For your next corporate gift, choose an art gift card to offer a sophisticated and unique experience. This choice reflects a commitment to aesthetic excellence and supports the broader arts community. It’s a refined corporate gesture that empowers recipients to select artwork that aligns with their professional environment or personal style. Beyond being a present, it’s a testament to valuing the individual preferences of colleagues and clients, fostering stronger, more personalized business connections. An art gift card as a corporate gift embodies a culture of appreciation and refined taste, setting a high standard for corporate gifting.

The art gift card stands as a symbol of thoughtful gifting, offering a personalized, flexible, and sophisticated option for any occasion, while also supporting the vibrant world of art and creativity.

Use a gift card

Buy a Gift Card: How does it work ?

Give the gift of art with a gift card that can be used throughout the gallery!

How to use your gift card?

  1. Go to
  2. Add artworks or prints to your cart
  3. On the payment page, enter your Gift card code
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